The series, made on perspex, changes according to the environment the painting is displayed on, due to its transparency.

The importance of the background is crucial with these paintings; for example a black wall will create a more contrasted picture than when placed in front of a white wall, which will give softer contours. The painting can also be hung in mid-air and be visible from both sides (like on a shop window) and be more 3 Dimensional. 




'Drop I', 'Drop II', 'Drop III', Oil painting on perspex, 2012


Created for the group exhibition " le Doudou", these paintings of old plush toys abandoned in the street of Paris evokes the lost memories associated with childhood and is a metaphor of the modern world as a consumerist society which disregards identity and uniqueness. 

No man's land

'Rupture', 'Escape', 'Distance', 'Interlude', Oil painting on wood or paper mounted on canvas. 2011


This series of paintings were selected to appear at the "No Man's land" dual exhibition held at the Atelier du Genie gallery in Paris.  

Cecile Harrison manipulates images, conferring it a contemplative or disturbing nature, suggesting sometimes an underlying violence. Despite that those scenes remind in a way, of a non man's land, they reveal a human presence or else the trace of a recent memory, something that may have just happened. Claire Dugast


'Shade', 'Ghosts', 'Shutters', 'Canopies', 'Retreat', 'Goodbye', 'Sunset', 'Lost Highway', Oil painting on wood, 2008


This series was one of the first group of paintings created using a super 8 video still pictures. 

The artist is extracting separate instants of a video in order to recreate a narration using a light technique of layers and blurred surfaces. The characters in this series are floating or almost transparent like the shadow left in everyone's memories after going on a holiday.


'Snow', 'Casino', 'Girl's room', 'Expectation', 'Still life', 'Vacant', 'Fence', 'Factory', 'Waiting room I', 'Waiting room II', 'Waiting room III'Oil painting on paper mounted on canvas 2009


This group of paintings was created during a period of transition for the artist in which she focused on indoor and outdoor spaces, private or public and explored situations of the everyday life. The human presence in those spaces is phantomatic and questions the permanence of objects and people in time and space.


'Dutch Shower', 'Airport II', 'Decline', 'N.D.E', 'Room I', 'Room II', 'Chair'Oil painting on wood, Oil painting on paper mounted on canvas.


This series called Metaphors is a collection of different places the artist visited during her travel and depicts experiences and impressions she recalls during those times of exploration. The use of symbols forms a vivid contrast with some of the sceneries and create bizarre associations which questions the viewer.

The artist's attempts to position herself within the contemporary world of multimedia with its constant stream of images becomes a defiant act as a painter and is particularly representative in this series where Cecile Desmeules Harrison offers the viewer an opportunity to observe and share her moment of contemplation.


'Corner', 'Contemplation', 'Birds', 'Back to child', 'N.Y Curtains', 'Occupation', 'Recovered memories', 'Marbles',

Oil paintings on paper mounted on canvas, 2005


This group of paintings was created during the time Cecile Desmeules Harrison spent in Ireland when she decided to leave France, her friend and family and stepped out of her comfort zone.

Those paintings reflect the introspection the artist experienced and her first attempts to use images in a symbolic way. 


'Couloir', Infrared I, 'Madrid I', 'Madrid II', 'Untitled', 'Untitled', 'Canicule', 'Moscow I', 'Moscow II',

Oil painting on paper mounted on canvas, Oil painting on wood, 2004


This series was created a few years after the shock of 9/11 and the start of terrorist attacks against western countries. With this series, Cecile Desmeules Harrison explored the psychological impact world press images has on viewers and attempted to reduce the emotional distance the public has with violent imagery using the painting medium. 


Group auction exhibition 9 to 17 Dec @Crate59 - opening and auction 17/11 @6pm